Jeanie was born and raised in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania.

Being very tall for her young age, her parents made the decision to send her to the Barbizon School of Modeling. That would be the entry point for her career in media, 'print' work, TV and Radio Spots, Movies, Make-up & Special Effects.

Jeanie also became very active in the fight for Animal Rights. One project with Animal Rights even lead her to work on a campaign with Elvira!


Jeanie moved to Grand Rapids, Mi. in Sept. 1993 and temporarily 'retired' from the BIZ...untill she found out about Facebook, which lead her to old friends, and she saw how popular Dawn of the Dead had become! Currently, Jeanie travels the world doing Conventions, meeting all her friends and fans, new and old, and is also writing her second book.

She is married, has one Son, a big Newfoundland Dog, 3 Cats, 4 Fish and a ton of Wildlife critters that she tends to.

For a hobby, Jeanie designs custom made Jewelry.

By the way...Two more movies are in the works....so stay tuned !